·Energy saving,environmental friendly;
    ·Directly instead of triditional device of ceiling light;
    Easy to intall.Dirctly contact to AC110V or AC220Vno need power supply No UV or infra-red radiationno mercury or leadeco-friendlyno danger of broken led panel light panel glass;
    .Be equipped with short circuit,open circuit,lighting stroke, power surge overcurrentover-voltageoverheat etc.protection circuit.
  • A50/A55/A60/A70/A75/A80


    1-LED Bulb low heat, low thermal resistance, steady lighting, high brightness and CRI;
    2-Body with excellent thermal managing design;
    3-Ultra energy efficient, easy installation;
    4-Anti-shock, anti-moisture, no RF interference;
    5-Longevity of service and minimal maintenance;
    6-Energy-saving, environment friendly, and save 80% of energy compared with incandescent bulb.
  • GL-022-SK


    1-Adopting photosenstive techbology, in case of light the lamp will not light, completely achieve the goal of energy saving;
    2-Using acoustic sensor technology, in case of dark, as long as there are footsteps, open the sound, such as closing will light up automatically, automatic delay can be put out;
    3-Switch to reach 1 million times, life of 30000 hours.
  • GL-023-GY


    1-This product energy saving ,durable, high brightness,easy installation;
    2-Does not light during the day, night to lights, people go lamp, intelligence;
    3-Have the function of human body induction, actual daily light length added up to less
    than half an hour, built-in human body sensor and optial devices;
    4-Applicable to the channel, the bathroom, garage, basement, hotels, villas, residental
    corridor, public field as well as the field of light to save electricity.
  • GL-024-T30/T37/T50/T60/T70/T80/T100/T120/T140/T150


    100% recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials;
    Low carbon emission, high luminous efficiency, Low heat generation
    No radiation safe for body No flickering good for eyes,
    Good heat dissipation and unbreakable
  • GL-025-NL/GL-025-HP


    1-Fast light brighting, no dely and flicker;
    2-Energy-saving: saving 80% than the ordinary lamp;
    3-Green and health protection, no pollutio, more comfortable for our vision;
    4-Environment-friendly and no UV or IR radiation;
    5-Wide range of available operating voltage and low consumption;
    6-Easy to install and maintain,replacement of traditional bulbs and no subsidiary fixture.
  • GL-026-UFO-A


    1-Energy saving, compared to traditional energy saving lamp on the condition of same illumination, save up to 70%~80%;
    2-Green and eco-friendly without mercury, Low noise, no UV and IR in the beam, a safe cold-light source, safe for human;
    3-Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes;
    4-Easy installation and conventional use, direct replacement of traditional bulb and low maintenance.

  • GL-027-HG/GL-028-GC


    1-Original and fashion design;
    2-Using intelligent IC control circuit, wide voltage design, overload and under voltage protection is more stable and more secure;
    3-No flicker and glare, can protect our eyes;
    4-Perfect optical properties;
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