• GR-SZ-1003


    Features Personal Mould>3000 hours No UV or IRradation No mercury Operatingtemperature-20℃~40℃.
  • GL-010-T8-P/T8-G/T5-F/T8-F/FG-TB


    1.Directly installing, no modification, no need rewire;
    2.Running without ballast and starter, instant start, no flickering, no humming;
    3.Thickened 0.9mm aluminum radiator for heat dissipation;
    4.Energy saving up to 80% high intensity;
    5.Inner power efficiency more than 87%;
    6.Heat protection systerm, can work under unstable voltage;
  • GL-001-SF/GS/SF-A


    1.Waterproof, dustproof and blastproof;
    2.Suit both indoor and outdoor uses;
    3.Without opening the lampshade for direct wiring;
    4.All kinds of ways to install: lifting or back installation;