• SMD3528/5050


    1.High voltage input, very soft FPC board, high brightness SMD 3528/5050;
    2.It is easy to install with 3M sticky back tape on the backside;
    3.High brightness, large viewing angle(120 degree), stable performance, light
    and flexible shape;
    4.1 meter is a unit, within which there is one corresponding point(parallel point
    for cutting arbitrarily;
    5.Low light decline and long lifespan;
    6.IP20/IP64/IP65/IP68 waterproof, can be used for indoor and outdoor
    decoration and edge lighting.
  • GL-041-8520D/8520S


    1.With perfect optical design, big view angle, high brightness;
    2.Uniform and soft luminosity distribution, no glare design;
    3.Using aluminum bar booth, fixed both ends' screws or neutral glas
    glue to paste up, hidden installation will be good;
    4.High-light effect, more energy-saving;
    5.DC 24V input, can be directly contact with the human body, safe
    operation, convenient maintenance;
    6.The outer shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the lamp board
    is made of aluminum board, and the multi-layer space is designed to
    ensure good heat dissipation effect and longer lifespan;
    7.Easy installation: Self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape, so
    it can be fixed on any surface and in any shape easily;